Door Finishing Options

We offer a variety of door finishes including:

  • Pre-primed flush & panelled doors for on-site finishing
  • Fully paint-finished doors (MOQ)
  • Timber veneers with a lacquered finish to the face
  • Laminate-faced doors

To complement the above we can also supply:

  • Pre-primed or fully finished assembled door frames in either softwood or hardwood (MOQ)
  • Hardwood frames with a base coat sealer finish

Guidance on Decorative Finishing for Internal Timber Doors

Problems with moisture ingress often arise when doors are stored in damp ambient conditions, and/or hung while site construction is still underway (i.e., in the presence of ‘wet trades’ such as plastering).  It is important to ensure internal timber doors remain at, or very close to, the moisture content of the door when it is first delivered on site.  The moisture content of all MBP doors is typically between 8 – 10%.

As best practice guidance for installers, MBP recommends that all exposed door surfaces – including door edges – should be finished with an appropriate sealant  to help minimise the risk of moisture ingress.  A good quality paint, stain or lacquer should be used.  The use of primer alone cannot guarantee a good enough level of protection.

Door Facing Options

Steamed Beech

Hetre de Provence Laminate


Erable Blanc Laminate


Chene de Macedoine Laminate


Gris Orange Laminate


Gris Tourterelle Laminate

Polyrey G075 Gris Cendre

Gris Cendré Laminate


Blanc Menuires Laminate

American White Ash
American White Oak